Isn't a Facebook group good enough for us?

I'm an active member of our Facebook group too and there's nothing wrong with it but having our own community site gives us all some advantages.

We won't be on 'rented space' subject to someone else's rules and restrictions which can change at anytime and which we have no control over.

We can expand and build the features we really want. I'm already close to finishing a 'marketplace' where our members can create their own stores to buy & sell to each other - postie to postie. There'll be a podcasting feature where you can host and share your own individual podcast, and the ability for budding writers to create full articles which can be shared via your profile page and on our blog. If there's any demand I can also add a traditional discussion forum for more in depth conversations.

You will never see any advertising on our site which means zero tracking cookies on your computer from 3rd parties and a much cleaner, calmer experience for all of us.

Your data is private! See our Privacy Policy for full details but the upshot is that we don't sell or share data unless legally required to do so. Realistically, that only happens if the law is broken so don't be an idiot.